This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.

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Barrett calls for immediate end to Gaza blockade, 14 October 2009
Barrett leads call for torture inquiry, 21 September 2009
Families of soldiers killed in iraq deserve full public inquiry, 24 June 2009
Iraq inquiry must be fully transparent, 15 June 2009
Barrett takes action on vulture funds, 19 May 2009
Barrett turns up the heat for immediate Iraq inquiry, 26 March 2009
Full inquiry needed to end torture suspicions, 18 March 2009
Barrett demands immediate Iraq inquiry, 16 March 2009
Barrett calls for Israel arms embargo, 24 February 2009
Barrett calls for immediate opening of aid channels in Gaza, 27 January 2009
Richer countries must take responsibility for takling climate change, 22 January 2009
Barrett calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire and an end to arms sales to Israel, 15 January 2009
Barrett calls for Gaza investigation into human rights violations, 14 January 2009
Government and Tories must apologise for Iraq, 18 December 2008
UK must help Congo, 12 November 2008
Barrett demands Guantanamo Bay closure, 08 November 2008
Barrett calls on Government to honour Gurkhas after landmark ruling, 30 September 2008
Barrett highlights ‘critical troop overstretch’, 16 June 2008
Barrett welcomes Dalai Lama to Westminster, 22 May 2008
Barrett backs Burma cyclone appeal, 21 May 2008
No more excuses on cluster bomb ban, 19 May 2008
Barrett calls on international community to deliver Burma aid, 12 May 2008
Barrett calls for urgent debate on missile shield, 16 April 2008
Barrett slams Government over SFO ruling, 10 April 2008
Barrett demands Iraq inquiry on five year anniversary, 25 March 2008
Barrett welcomes news that humpback whale hunt is called off, 27 December 2007
Barrett calls for action on HIV prevention ahead of World AIDS Day, 01 December 2007
Barrett calls for assistance for warzone interpreters, 20 November 2007
Barrett calls for release of whistleblower Vanunu, 15 November 2007
Barrett speaks up on Trident, 03 November 2007
Barrett calls for commitment to essential healthcare in Africa, 17 October 2007
Burma oppression must stop, 04 October 2007
Tackling poverty will take more than photo stunts, 24 July 2007
Barrett attacks SNP for risking jobs by ‘playing politics’ with international aid, 26 June 2007
Barrett backs Refugee Day 2007, 20 June 2007
Barrett warns Government not to undermine Edinburgh Festival, 20 June 2007
Fairtrade key to poverty reduction, 12 June 2007
Barrett calls for urgent action over Darfur ‘genocide’, 05 June 2007
Barrett launches moves for arms export clamp down, 25 May 2007
Barrett signs up for anti-poverty campaign, 24 May 2007
Barrett calls for Parliament to have final say over war, 15 May 2007
PM’s legacy tainted by Iraq war and cash for honours, 10 May 2007
Barrett calls for Zimbabwe reconstruction plan, 26 March 2007
Barrett challenges Minister on cluster bomb ban, 26 March 2007
Barrett asks “where are all the guns?” , 21 March 2007
Barrett calls for urgent Government action on whaling, 21 March 2007
Iraq four years on , 18 March 2007
No place for Trident in 21st century , 14 March 2007
Barrett votes for no replacement of Trident , 14 March 2007
Barrett calls for an end to illegal organ trade ahead of International Women’s Day, 08 March 2007
Barrett leading support for national ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’, 26 February 2007
Barrett signs up for ‘Bin the Bomb’, 24 February 2007
UK troop withdrawals from Iraq , 21 February 2007
Barrett on Trident , 04 December 2006
Barrett calls for focus on preparation for international disasters, 02 November 2006
Barrett calls for Iraq inquiry, 31 October 2006
Barrett calls for greater focus on conflict prevention, 25 October 2006
Barrett calls for an end to double standards on trade talks , 12 October 2006
Barrett lays down climate change challenge ahead of emissions summit, 04 October 2006
Barrett calls for ‘full public debate’ on trident replacement , 26 September 2006
Barrett calls for international action on Global Day for Darfur , 17 September 2006
Barrett questions Minister over Darfur aid agency safety, 06 September 2006
Barrett expresses concern about arrests of Zamfara State government officials, 31 July 2006
Send aid, not bombs, from Scotland, 28 July 2006
Barrett condems use of Scottish airports for ‘bomb flights’, 26 July 2006
New Development White Paper must follow through on G8 promises, 13 July 2006
Barrett speaks in favour of new transparency bill, 16 June 2006
Less reality TV, more global reality, 13 June 2006
Barrett joins calls for urgent action on arms trade controls, 10 May 2006
Chernobyl anniversary underlines the dangers of nuclear power, 26 April 2006
Barrett secures debate on ‘World TB Day’, 15 March 2006
Barrett demands answers over rendition flights, 07 March 2006
Barrett raises awareness in run up to World TB Day, 07 March 2006
Local MP leading support for national ‘Fairtrade fortnight’, 06 March 2006
Barrett responds to 100th British casualty in Iraq, 31 January 2006
Holocaust memorial more relevant than ever, 27 January 2006
Barrett calls for Sudan sanctions over Darfur violence, 26 January 2006
Barrett joins Khan and Geldof for launch of new Bill , 20 January 2006
Barrett secures space for awareness raising TB exhibition, 29 December 2005
Barrett accuses West of double standards following WTO ‘letdown’, 19 December 2005
Barrett demands an end to Government excuses on corruption convention, 14 December 2005
Barrett joins UNICEF in fight to protect the world’s ‘invisible’ children, 14 December 2005
Barrett demands answers on Edinburgh ‘terror flights’, 08 December 2005
Barrett demands urgent parliamentary debate on illegal ‘torture flights’, 05 December 2005
Barrett joins campaigners on World Aids Day, 01 December 2005
Barrett to meet constituents on day of trade justice lobby, 02 November 2005
Barrett demands Parliament not Prime Minister given final say over war, 21 October 2005
Barrett quizzes Hillary Benn over supporting parliaments in developing countries, 19 October 2005
Barrett urges Government to show compassion for earthquake victims, 11 October 2005
Barrett attends briefing on counter terrorism measures , 05 October 2005
Barrett calls on international community not to forget G8 promises, 19 September 2005
Barrett warns against any let-up in securing Global Fund cash, 07 September 2005
Action needed on TB, 06 September 2005
Barrett returned to powerful International Development Select Committee, 20 July 2005
G8 Summit opportunity ‘must not be squandered’, 01 July 2005
Barrett warns against complacency over African debt relief, 30 June 2005
Climate change must be a top G8 priority – Barrett, 30 June 2005
Barrett given key role in cross party Sudan group, 17 June 2005

Speeches and articles

Demanding the Truth on Torture, 21 September 2009
Iraq, 31 March 2009
Fairtrade Fortnight, 26 February 2009
Aid to Palestine Speech, 27 January 2009
Barrett calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire and an end to arms sales to Israel, 15 January 2009
The Democratic Republic of Congo, 07 May 2008
Speech on the Situation in Darfur, 01 April 2008
Occupied Palestinian Territories , 05 July 2007
Darfur , 05 June 2007
Conflict and Development , 22 March 2007
Barrett on Palestine, 22 November 2006
Condemning the actions of the Immigration Service in respect of the Vujac family from Kosovo, 08 October 2005
Climate Change (G8 Summit), 29 June 2005
Migration and Development , 24 February 2005
Local MP Takes Part in Sudan Inquiry, 17 December 2004
Tackling the Global Spread of HIV-Aids and TB , 16 November 2004
HIV/aids , 23 June 2004
Iraq , 17 May 2004
Palestine , 29 April 2004
Trade Justice , 03 April 2004
Life in a world of grinding poverty, 12 April 2003
The Southern African Food Crisis, 06 February 2003
Iraq (Humanitarian Contingency Plan), 30 January 2003
No military action without House of Commons vote and UN mandate , 26 November 2002
Military Action Against Iraq , 04 October 2002
Debate on World Poverty , 19 June 2002

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This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.