This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.

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Families of soldiers killed in iraq deserve full public inquiry, 24 June 2009
Iraq inquiry must be fully transparent, 15 June 2009
John Barrett MP - London ‘second home’ details , 16 May 2009
Barrett turns up the heat for immediate Iraq inquiry, 26 March 2009
Government and Tories must apologise for Iraq, 18 December 2008
Barrett blasts Brown over leaks, 03 December 2008
One million still losing out despite Darling’s by-election Budget, 13 May 2008
Promise of jam tomorrow is not enough, 25 April 2008
Barrett slams Government over SFO ruling, 10 April 2008
Extension of detention without trial remains unacceptable, 01 April 2008
Barrett backs ‘giveme5’ campaign at Downing Street, 28 March 2008
Barrett demands Iraq inquiry on five year anniversary, 25 March 2008
Independent living strategy needs legislative backbone, 03 March 2008
Salmond should resign, but from Westminster, 06 February 2008
Barrett demands debate on Observatory funding fiasco, 05 February 2008
Barrett slams Ministers over lost data, 29 January 2008
Barrett calls for special needs pack national roll-out, 21 January 2008
Barrett calls on Salmond to confirm Scottish disabled children ‘will not be left behind’, 16 January 2008
Barrett calls for reduction in bank charges, 14 January 2008
Barrett promoted to disablities spokesperson for Lib Dems, 08 January 2008
Barrett slams Government spin over nuclear consultation, 07 January 2008
Barrett welcomes pensions U-turn, 17 December 2007
Means-testing will undermine pensions reform, 05 December 2007
Barrett calls for action on HIV prevention ahead of World AIDS Day, 01 December 2007
Barrett slams Darling as almost 45,000 Edinburgh families hit by IT failure, 21 November 2007
IT failure final nail in the coffin for ID cards, 20 November 2007
Climate Change Bill should be tougher, 15 November 2007
Barrett slams Brown over lack of vision, 06 November 2007
Barrett tackles Ministers over military covenant, 16 October 2007
Tax Credit system must be simplified, 09 October 2007
Barrett backs fixed-term parliament Bill, 08 October 2007
Millions lost due to complex benefits system, 25 July 2007
Tax Credit chaos getting worse not better, 12 July 2007
New Child Support system must not make the same old mistakes, 04 July 2007
Barrett attacks SNP for risking jobs by ‘playing politics’ with international aid, 26 June 2007
Barrett warns Government not to undermine Edinburgh Festival, 20 June 2007
Barrett attacks “irresponsible” SNP over trams, 19 June 2007
Barrett urges pensioners to claim benefits, 13 June 2007
Barrett slams Government over lack of ambition for renewable energy, 07 June 2007
CSA reform must be more than empty gimmicks, 06 June 2007
Barrett calls for urgent action over Darfur ‘genocide’, 05 June 2007
Barrett launches bid for veterans event after massive response to badge appeal , 31 May 2007
Government nuclear plans will undermine renewables revolution, 22 May 2007
Chancellor must make Tax Credit overhaul top priority, 21 May 2007
PM’s legacy tainted by Iraq war and cash for honours, 10 May 2007
Barrett calls for debate on widening inequality, 27 March 2007
Barrett calls for Zimbabwe reconstruction plan, 26 March 2007
Budget will hit poorest hardest, 21 March 2007
Barrett calls for fairer, greener budget from Brown , 20 March 2007
Iraq four years on , 18 March 2007
Barrett votes for no replacement of Trident , 14 March 2007
Barrett calls for debate on BA job losses, 09 March 2007
Barrett calls on Government to halt Post Office closure plans, 07 March 2007
Barrett signs up for ‘Bin the Bomb’, 24 February 2007
Barrett criticises Government over nuclear folly, 22 February 2007
UK troop withdrawals from Iraq , 21 February 2007
Barrett backs pensioners’ victory, 21 February 2007
Over 35,000 Edinburgh veterans still missing out on badges, 14 February 2007
European ruling gives hope for pensions compensation, 25 January 2007
Barrett urges benefits overhaul, 24 January 2007
Overloaded benefit system at breaking point, 23 January 2007
Barrett slams Government after 38,000 Scots left without CSA payments, 18 January 2007
Pensions’ system in desperate need of reform, 16 January 2007
Barrett launches use-it-or-lose-it campaign after Government unviels latest Post Office closures, 14 December 2006
Barrett slams £800 million hidden write-off of CSA maintenance arrears, 13 December 2006
Barrett re-selected for next election , 12 December 2006
Government must not abandon CSA victims , 11 December 2006
Blair berated on Post Office failure ahead of landmark statement , 06 December 2006
Barrett on Trident , 04 December 2006
Barrett to take Post Office concerns to DTI Minister, 01 December 2006
Barrett calls on Minister to block ship to ship oil transfer decision, 20 November 2006
Barrett comments on Queen’s speech, 15 November 2006
Barrett calls for action to tackle youth deaths on Scotland’s roads, 07 November 2006
Barrett demands action on child support backlog, 07 November 2006
Barrett calls for Iraq inquiry, 31 October 2006
Action demanded for families in child support ‘limbo’, 24 October 2006
Barrett demands urgent debate on bogus workmen, 19 October 2006
Barrett slams Government as Post Office cuts hit 30,000 across Edinburgh, 18 October 2006
Barrett makes case for Anglo-Scottish high speed rail link , 11 October 2006
Barrett calls for action to protect against winter chill for elderly, 04 September 2006
Barrett calls for CSA loop-holes for self employed parents to be closed, 01 September 2006
Barrett turns up heat on high-speed Edinburgh to London rail link, 29 August 2006
Barrett condems use of Scottish airports for ‘bomb flights’, 26 July 2006
Ministers must not abandon CSA children failed by system, 24 July 2006
Complex benefits systems must learn leasons from abroad, 20 July 2006
Barrett calls on ministers to block ship to ship oil transfer decision, 17 July 2006
Devastating report ‘last straw’ for failing CSA, 30 June 2006
Barrett warns against nuclear future for Scotland, 19 June 2006
Barrett speaks in favour of new transparency bill, 16 June 2006
Barrett calls on Prime Minister to find public use for Dorneywood, 02 June 2006
Edinburgh tax credit chaos “getting worse not better” – Barrett, 31 May 2006
Barrett calls for tax credit shake-up, 30 May 2006
Pensions white paper unlikely to provide a long-term settlement for pensions, 25 May 2006
Missed pensions credit target underlines need for fundamental pensions reform, 11 May 2006
Barrett secures debate on Edinburgh families hit by tax credit chaos, 27 April 2006
Chernobyl anniversary underlines the dangers of nuclear power, 26 April 2006
Barrett demands reform of ‘disgraceful’ tax credit system, 25 April 2006
Barrett launches major new Post Office campaign, 07 April 2006
Barrett grills Minister over ‘fatally flawed’ ID cards proposals, 20 March 2006
Barrett slams Tories over climate change Bill, 17 March 2006
Barrett calls for Government action on child poverty, 09 March 2006
Barrett demands answers over rendition flights, 07 March 2006
Barrett demands debate after Labour let down 20,000 Edinburgh Post Office users, 28 February 2006
Barrett attacks Government over latest Post Office let-down, 15 February 2006
Barrett attacks ‘creeping compulsion’ of ID card proposals, 13 February 2006
Historic by-election victory ‘only the beginning’, 10 February 2006
Barrett calls for urgent parliamentary debate on fuel poverty, 08 February 2006
Pensioners paying £4,680 million too much council tax under Labour, 01 February 2006
Barrett calls for Sudan sanctions over Darfur violence, 26 January 2006
Edinburgh’s incapacity claimants let down by Government , 25 January 2006
Barrett joins Khan and Geldof for launch of new Bill , 20 January 2006
Disabled should get winter fuel payments, 03 January 2006
Barrett demands an end to Government excuses on corruption convention, 14 December 2005
Barrett demands urgent parliamentary debate on illegal ‘torture flights’, 05 December 2005
Charles Kennedy announces new Shadow Minister for Scotland, 05 December 2005
Barrett demands answers over ‘massaged’ employment figures, 30 November 2005
Barrett questions future of Postwatch following damning new report, 29 November 2005
Barrett questions future of Postwatch following damning new report, 28 November 2005
Failing CSA must now be scrapped – Barrett, 24 November 2005
Barrett leads calls to recognise TB pioneer Sir John Crofton, 18 November 2005
Over 10,000 women across Edinburgh to lose out on £200 council tax repayments, 07 November 2005
Barrett demands Parliament not Prime Minister given final say over war, 21 October 2005
Barrett urges Government to show compassion for earthquake victims, 11 October 2005
Massive objection to Davidson’s Mains split, 19 August 2005
Barrett demands reform of “unfair” electoral system, 14 June 2005

Speeches and articles

Taxing the poor, 22 April 2008
Detention without trial, 09 April 2008
Disability Legislation, 01 April 2008
Electoral Reform , 14 June 2005
Identity Cards Expensive and Ineffective , 25 November 2004
No military action without House of Commons vote and UN mandate , 26 November 2002
Maiden speech , 13 July 2001

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This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.